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Scientific understanding of light spectrum quality and its relation to agriculture has been around for a long time. Unfortunately spectrometry solutions are still beyond the financial reach of most green thumbs. Traditional spectrometry devices are either clunky tubes or expensive custom silicon, with no long term storage or ways to seriously compare data over time. Luciscan started as a suggestion given to us by an employee of a grow-shop here in the San Luis Valley. Wouldn’t it be great if we could connect light quality metrics to the cloud and make it affordable for everyone? We started with a simple prototype the ioTank-101 and iterated on this concept trying different sensors and MCUs until we got it right.  By selecting the latest industry standard components to design Luciscan we can provide a great product that can scale at a fraction of the price of the competition. The app will allow anyone to store and compute scientific data about plant growth, health and phenotype development with cloud technology. JSON APIs will allow advanced users the ability to connect the data to machine learning libraries, we plan on implementing them once we have enough data to make useful assumptions.

Anticipated release April 4 2018. Join our mailing list to get info about our upcoming Indiegogo campaign.