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No one likes dead plants ruining their plans. For indoor growers or cloners nothing can kill plants or ruin plans faster than something taking out the heat/light systems which keep it running. If you have picky plants which need dedicated light hours per day any disturbance of that schedule can cause problems.

ioTank is an indoor environment monitor which senses temperature, humidity, ultraviolet, and clear light intensity. It stores its data in onboard flash memory and on the cloud. Once in the cloud you can get an e-mail or SMS if there are problems with your grow.

It is designed to work with your current hardware. Upgrading what you already have and assisting hardware investment choices with real time feedback. The ioTank does this by storing sensor readings in on-board flash and sending metrics to the cloud for processing.

Program your min/max temperature, humidity and daytime/nighttime light values and we’ll warn you if it falls out of range. Wi-fi enabled means it communicates with your existing b/g/n router. A stunning time-plotted graph lets you know your indoor environment is perfect anywhere, anytime. Discrete, easy to use and powered by any USB outlet. E-mail and SMS. Redundancy built in, so you’re included in every decision.

Published on GitHub under the MIT license allowing for a variety of other open source and commercial internet of things projects.